Customer Case Tony’s Chocolonely

‘BI is essential for our growth’

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Tony's Chocolonely Hillstar Business Intelligence for Microsoft Dynamics NAV Freek Wessels

Freek Wessels, Finance at Tony’s Chocolonely

What does Hillstar exactly do for Tony’s Chocolonely?

Tony’s is a fast growing company. To maintain that growth, we needed more than just the standard data from Microsoft Dynamics NAV. To make sure we make the right, substantiated choices, we chose the start working with a Business Intelligence solution. We wanted to make cross-sections a lot quicker and get much better management information.

For what things do you use Business Intelligence?

We use the BI solution of Hillstar for all disciplines within Tony’s. It is really nice to work with it for Finance related issues in particular. I use it for accounting close, P&L and for instance to get balance sheets from the system. Sales also does a lot with the BI-solution. We do gross margin analysis quick and easy now. But Supply Chain also starts working with BI more and more to make the right cross sections and to get a better look at stocklevels.

‘Hillstar helped us gain insight in data in which Microsoft Dynamics NAV was inadequate’

Have there been challenges during the implementation?

We weren’t really afraad getting the BI tool to work would be hard. We did see the connection with our infrastructure in the Cloud as a challenge. We took a look at what needed to be done in some kind of a SCRUM session, to get the ‘Out-of-the-box’ solution of Hillstar to work with the existing solutions in the Cloud. Hillstar and our Cloud-partner SaaSplaza managed that very well.

How does Business Intelligence support your growth?

We are a relatively young company, existing for 10 years now and from last year also active in the United States. In Portland, Oregon to be precise. To be able to monitor everything just as well as in the Netherlands, our BI solution is essential to us. Especially good sales analysis helps us see if our marketing activities also deliver the desired result. We can not get that information from the existing NAV solution, so we needed a really good BI solution for that.

How did the process come along with Hillstar?

Tony’s Chocolonely is a young and ambitious company. We are ‘Crazy about chocolate, serious about people’. We don’t only work that way with the farmers in Western Africa, but with our own people too. They are used to work with good solutions. They work quick and efficient. The way we cooperated with Hillstar fits to that way of working. The consultants visiting us, spoke the language of our company and felt really well how they had to implement their solution to make sure we had the correct knowledge to work with it.

Tony's Chocolonely rapporteert en analyseert met Business Intelligence van Hillstar

Journalist Teun van de Keuken is shocked as he reads a book which states that slavery still exists. He decides to do research and finds out there still is a frightful amount of (child-)slavery in Western Africa. While in 2001 some of the biggest international chocolate manufacturers signed the Harkin Engel Protocol which states  agreements about eliminating the ‘worst forms of child labor’. At that point Teun knows that chocolate is smeared with illegal affairs. After eating a few chocolate bars, he turns himself in as a chocolate criminal.

Since that moment, a lot happened. In the meantime Tony’s Chocolonely is grown out to be a chocolate brand which is now also available in the United States of America. Do want to read more about their goals? Click here.

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