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‘The partnership with Hillstar delivers a lot of added value to us’

What does the partnership with Hillstar mean to you?

Hillstar to us is a partner which shares a lot of knowledge about technical and corporate aspects of Business Intelligence for Microsoft Dynamics AX. They organize ‘knowledge sessions’ that I often visit to discover new developments within BI for Dynamics AX2012. For instance, we are now visualizing our data. Numbers and figures are important, a good interpretation and correct display of data supports that. That is how we go to a next level with the entire organization.


  • Usable in any department
  • Quick insight in markets
  • Cross sections per product group
  • Management information directly available
Bart Muskens, Global Business Analyst, BRB International Hillstar Business Intelligence for Microsoft Dynamics

Bart Muskens

Global Business Analyst

What do you do with BI?

We use BI on a very wide scale. We use it for reporting for instance. That could be  data about the order amount and value of the orderbook, but we also use it to view goals or KPI’s per department. The sales and financial department  started with BI and now other departments follow. For instance the teamleader of our warehouse wants to have insight in the amount of movements and scan moments. We also have our employee system integrated which allows us to monitor absenteeism and the amount of worked hours of temporary workers. What is also good to mention is that we now started to measure how often a scan through our barcodescanner went wrong and why it went wrong. This way we can keep improving our processes.

What are the savings you achieved with BI?

The amount of movements of goods between separate locations went down drastically. Sometimes something is on a place it will stay for a longer amount of time. That is not something necessary. Because we gained that insight we immediately started looking why it happened like it did. That has lead to a better distribution of our products between storage locations and resulted in less transportation of goods. We also found out it would be easy and less time-consuming if certain products were in a different place in the warehouse. If quick selling products are easy to pick, it saves a lot of time. So we work a lot more effective and we are able to keep improving.


Do you want to know how to successfully implement BI?

Read all about it in the white paper ‘How to enroll a Value-Driven Business Intelligence Strategy!’

‘When I walk over the workplace I see 3 out of 5 PC’s with BI on it’

That are very good results. Did you also improve your production department?

Yes, besides the sales delivery performance reports that we received on default, we are now also able to measure delivery performance for purchase and production. With that we can now see if an article already has the statement ‘ready’ in our warehouse. We have a quality module within AX2012. If we see the same adjustments made again and again, we see that when we analyze our quality orders, we change it at the source by improving the recipe in Dynamics AX.

How is the cooperation with Hillstar?

Hillstar is really thinking along about KPI’s that could be important to us. the consultants and support of Hillstar deliver a truly added value. We learn a lot of each other. Hillstar knows a lot about Business Intelligence and corporate processes and shares that knowledge. We have an SLA (Service Level Agreement) with Hillstar. They keep an eye on our system and make sure it works. To us it is very important that the data is fresh and up-to-date.

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